Zero-Trust Before It Was Cool

Password RBL’s secure design has always been zero-trust.  In fact, Password RBL was zero-trust before zero-trust was even a phrase.  Nowadays it seems every product is scrambling for a way to claim it is zero-trust.  But Password RBL’s original focus was on security – even before there was a viable product.  Since the service would be screening customer’s passwords, it was assumed that there would never be any customers if the service was not “obviously secure” (the original phrase used to describe Password RBL).

So we set out to make a Password Blacklisting service that was “obviously secure.”  A password screening service that had no possibly of ever knowing the password choices involved.  Or the username associated with the password.  Or even the customer sending the query.  A service where customers did not have to extend any trust or sacrifice any security to use the service.  This is what we built at Password RBL.  But the industry came up with a concise way to describe such a service:  “zero-trust.”

For additional details, follow this link to read about how Password RBL’s architecture truly is zero-trust.

TL;DR: Password RBL was “zero-trust” before it was cool.