Real-time Password Blacklist


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Performance Last 30 Days

Honeypot Overall Stats

Here you can see how just how frequently passwords caught by our Honeypots are already in the Password RBL database.  We "learn" from the honeypot submissions that don't yet exist in our database, and incorporate passwords that are repeatedly caught by our honeypots.

The pie chart shows the percentage of queries to the API over the entire lifetime of our honeypot servers.  Additionally the last 30 days are shown.

How to interpret these numbers

The values you see here show the number of submissions to the API that resulted in a positive match to a hashed password value.  These numbers are based on each individual submission to the API, even if they are from the same source (since the API cannot know the true source of API queries). 

Drops in Honeypot performance

Sometimes you'll see significant drops in the match-rate for honeypot submissions.  This is to be expected as our honeypots get quite a bit of activity from systems in foreign countries.  The Password RBL database is largely comprised of Western language passwords and these foreign systems are submitting passwords in a different language.