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Performance Last 30 Days


Here you can see just how well the Password RBL service is performing for you - in real-time!

Just enter your assigned Tracking ID to get a quick overall match rate of API queries and a graphical representation of the most recent 30 days of data.  Click the Export link to download all historical daily data in CSV format.

The pie chart shows the percentage of queries to the API over the entire lifetime of the service for the provided Tracking ID.  Additionally the last 30 days are shown.

How to interpret these numbers

The values you see here show the number of submissions to the API that resulted in a positive match to a hashed password value in the database.  These numbers are based on each individual submission to the API, even if they are from the same end-user. 

For example, if an end user is choosing a new password on your site that uses Password RBL protection, and it takes them 3 tries to pick a good password, then the My Metrics page would show a 66% percent hit rate, since two of the three submissions to the API resulted in a database match.

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