Password RBL targets enterprises with latest release of Password Firewall for Windows

Administrators of large Windows networks can now easily deploy password blacklisting across their entire organization in mere minutes.

Password RBL is targeting large Windows enterprises with their latest release of Password Firewall for Windows.  The new version adds automated installation (and uninstallation) options to the product’s deployment methods. The provided documentation includes step by step instructions for using Group Policy to deploy and configure the password blacklisting solution for Active Directory in an automated fashion, but the method is easily adapted to any existing system management software.  Password Firewall is enterprise-ready and can now be deployed across the entire organization in minutes.

Bad passwords have plagued organizations for decades, and reported data breaches have increased in recent years.  These breaches commonly exfiltrate the credential database, providing hackers with passwords to use in attacks on other organizations.  In fact, the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report found that 2 out of 3 network breaches exploited weak or stolen credentials.  IT departments have tried to coach users into choosing complex passwords and employed the use of password policies, but password policies cannot solve this growing problem on their own.  That’s where password blacklisting comes in.

Password blacklisting blocks the millions of bad passwords that meet common password policies.  This is why the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States has recommended employing the use of a password blacklist in their latest authentication guidelines.  The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in United Kingdom also makes this recommendation.  Password blacklisting is an easy and effective way to combat bad passwords.

Password RBL’s blacklisting solution, Password Firewall for Windows, is extremely lightweight, only needs to be installed on Domain Controllers, and doesn’t require end-users or IT staff to learn anything new.  These features make it easy to add Password Firewall to any Windows network.  Combine these features with the latest automated installation methods, and companies can now deploy password blacklisting throughout their whole organization in minutes.

Password RBL, founded in 2013, is a provider of affordable and easy to use password blacklisting solutions.  The company slogan is “Prevent Bad Passwords Before They Happen” because their solutions prevent the use of bad passwords that hackers use to gain unauthorized access to networks across the globe.  They consolidate passwords by analyzing hacker tools, running honeypot servers, and scouring the web for leaked credential databases from data breaches.

SMB subscriptions to the service start at just $15.00 (USD) per month.  Larger organizations can request a quote.